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Finally after 25 years in the can!  Unreleased and unheard until now! 

 WILLARD - UNDERGROUND at , Spotify, Amazon, iTunes....Check it out!!! Seattle's infamous grungers Willard recorded this record in late 1993 at the Ranch.  Transferred the 2" tapes to digital after baking at Avast in 2018.  Mixed and Mastered late 2018 by Aaron Skok and Mark Spiders. Available now from Black Guitar Records!!!

(Independant Artist Owned and Operated Label)

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Willard Videos

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Underground was recorded at The Ranch in Nov of 1993 by Jon Jon Dunleavy and Greg The 2" tapes were transferred to digital Feb 2018 by Stuart Hallerman and Jay at Avast! Mixed and Mastered at The Lazy M & Skok Productions by Aaron Skok and Mark Spiders. Produced By Mark Spiders & Aaron Skok. Executive Producer Otis P. Otis.  Willard is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1989. Though they sought to challenge the "grunge image" of Seattle, they are acknowledged as a part of the grunge music scene of the late 80's and early 90's. Jeff Gilbert and Tad Doyle were instrumental in their first major record deal which resulted in their Jack Endino produced album, Steel Mill in 1992. Gilbert called Willard the "drunkest band in Seattle" in his Rocket magazine article. These guys knew how to have a good time! They had previously released a self-titled 4 song EP (which is very rare) on Gerald Oniel's Green Gel Records, and played with the likes of White Zombie, GG Allin, Melvins, and Cannibal Corpse. After performing an outdoor show for the "Pain in the Grass" Festival at the Seattle Center, Willard was banned from further performances by the Seattle Police Department and the City of Seattle. Willard T-shirts soon proudly said "Banned by the SPD"! To Willard it was the equivalent of a gold album! Their music sounded similar to another Seattle band, The Melvins. Steve was the original Tad drummer before joining Willard. Otis was an early member of Napalm Beach. Johnny and Darren played in H-Hour before joining Willard. Willard disbanded after recording a second full length record, Underground, which is only now being released on Black Guitar Records.  There are rumors of a reunion...

Johnny Clint - vocals

Mark Spiders - guitars

Otis P. Otis - lead guitar 

Steve Wied - drums

Darren Peters - bass

Ty Garcia - bass (1994-1995)

Willard - EP (Green Gel Records, 1991)

"Steel Mill" - LP (Roadrunner Records, 1992)

"Underground" LP (BLACK GUITAR RECORDS, 1993-2018)

"Roadrunner Records Promo PR063" - features "Sweet Kali" (Roadrunner Records, 1992)

"Metal Detector CD Metal Monsters" Summer 1992 - features "Stain" (FMBQ 1992)

"Best of Grunge Rock" features "Fifteen" (Priority Records, 1993)

"Seattle Music Scene Volume 2" features demo version of "Larie" from "ABV Sessions" (Insight Records, 1994)

"Texass" features Mark Spiders on backup vocals and Otis P. Otis on guitar (IFA Records, 1994)

"Sunshine Spread the Love" EP (pre - Willard), 1989 [self release] Mark, Otis, and Darren play on the EP with Faye West (vox) and Patty Schemel (drums) who later played with Courtney Love in Hole.

"Steel Mill" LP (2010 Metal Mind)-remastered - gold disk digi pack (import)



Seattle, WA, USA


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